• April 04, 2021

SOHAR – One of the First Ports in the World to Implement State-of-the-Art “Light on-Demand” Technology within its Complex

Aligned with its vision to support sustainable and innovative initiatives, SOHAR Port and Freezone is one of the first ports in the world to have installed a “Light on-Demand” system. The implementation of this project, the first-of-its-kind in the region, positions SOHAR as pioneers in the sector. Apart from promoting a low carbon footprint, the LED luminaires have successfully reduced energy consumption by 80%.


Highlighting the importance of the project, Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port, said, “At SOHAR, we envision ourselves to be green front runners, by enabling and supporting sustainable development through energy efficiency projects and transitioning to cleaner fuels. Our overall objective is the need to develop a world-class complex and high-level of operations with state-of-the-art infrastructure that is safe, environmentally sustainable and legally compliant to attract investment and enhance industry diversification.”


Khalid Al Alawi,  Manager of Assets Management at SOHAR stated, “The Assets Management Department has explored the recent development in the field of innovative technologies. The roads within the Port and Freezone area are not frequently used during the night, resulting in energy loss from the illuminated lights overnight. This is why we have identified a solution for real-time control of street lights within the respective areas.”


“Light on Demand” is a revolutionary integrated wireless motion sensor for presence-based monitoring and control of outdoor lighting. It ensures the reduction of energy consumption without compromising on public safety and driving comfort. The technology consists of precise sensors for about 200 street lights and hosts a cloud-based control and energy monitoring system dashboard, commissioned by experts from the Netherlands.


“We continue to proactively seek and invest in alternative energy sources, such as green hydrogen, as part of our strategy to diversify energy sources and become a greener Port and Freezone. In addition, through the execution of these projects, we can enhance the attractiveness of SOHAR and enable further foreign investment. We believe that the Light on-demand system will serve as a stepping stone in our efforts towards sustainability and the building of a brighter future, which in turn, furthers the contribution of SOHAR to the Oman Vision 2040,” Mark added. 


For more information on SOHAR Port and Freezone, visit soharportandfreezone.com