Download the latest SOHAR tender documents here. To avoid disappointment, please read the tender documents carefully for any pre-qualification requirements and final submission dates.



Tender No: SIPC 2024 - 020  “Pre-announcement”.
Supply, Manage, Operate and Maintain Pilot Boats for SOHAR Port Marine Operations.

Tender No: SIPC 2023 - 076
Removal of Seabed Sedimentation at SOHAR Port Basin and Approach Channel-Re-Float.

Tender NO: SIPC 2024 - 002
General Cleaning Services at SOHAR Port & Freezone.

Tender NO: SIPC 2024 - 003
Sub Sea Inspection & Maintenance Contract for SOHAR Port’s Waterfront Assets. 

Tender NO: SIPC 2024 - 004
Marine Assets inspection and Maintenance Contract.

Tender NO: SIPC 2023 - 006
Schools Students’ Program “Maseer -2nd”.

Tender NO: SIPC 2024 - 008
Procurement of Pool cars.

Tender NO: SIPC 2024 - 009
Landscaping Maintenance for SOHAR Port and Freezone.