Oman is experiencing a rapidly rising domestic energy demand, with the Sultanate’s total domestic natural gas use over the last decade almost quadrupling between 2008 and 2017. Solar energy and steam energy projects achieve the SOHAR vision by focusing on sustainability and the environment. To shape a more sustainable energy future and to offset the need of energy for energy-intensive projects, SOHAR Port and Freezone is putting up solar panels to generate solar energy, taking measures to reduce energy consumption and to reuse wastewater.

The advantage

SOHAR Freezone boasts of a large grid power infrastructure augmented by solar power. In a significant effort to tap into the Sultanate’s renewable energy potential, SOHAR Port and Freezone entered into a land lease agreement with Shell Development Oman (SDO) in collaboration with Shell New Energies. This agreement will see the provision of clean energy solutions through the facilitation of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, to meet the energy demands of industrial tenants within SOHAR Freezone.

SOHAR will allocate 600-hectares of land for solar plants under development, with capacities ranging from 10MW up to 40MV. The pioneering project of 25MW will be focused on providing dedicated supply to Al Tamman Indsil, and the entire development will create long-lasting economic value for the nation and the companies within the Freezone.

These solar PV projects will free up natural gas resources for better economic use and enable further economic development in Suhar, as a result of unlocking large-scale solar opportunities in the Sultanate.